Barcelona Loves Entrepreneurs

There is in Barcelona an association about entrepreneurs called Barcelona Loves Entrepreneurs (BLE). BLE is an organized movement, formed by activist and volunteers with a social and independent base, who work in order to achieve the objective of Barcelona Loves Entrepreneurs. Some of their priorities are to add, share, connect and create a common message among all projects; create, develop and support projects aligned to their mission; …

If you go to their web page (written down of this article) you will find the calendar of Barcelona Loves Entrepreneurs initiative, where are posted all the events, courses, presentations, conferences…

By registering yourself in the page on internet you get lot of advantages, such as having the chance of adding new initiatives to their data base, or being a collaborator in the future association. You can also add your events to the BLE´s agendas.  

For example, during this  month some very interest events have been celebrated; from which I would note two. On the one hand one course about marketing plan online, where, in 7 steps was explained how to get most out of your project on the Internet, with the help of a creative corporate culture expert 2.0, having the opportunity of learning methodology and best practices for defining and implementing your plan. On the other hand “¿tienes ADN para emprendedor?” (do you have entrepreneurial DNA?), which had the next objective: to know which are the necessary competences every entrepreneur has to have due to start a project with success. The self-knowledge was the essential base every entrepreneur and intraentrepreneur would know.

Next event will be on Monday 18th March: BLE and ROBOTS. As they said, they want robots as something important in the future, being Barcelona an important city where this process is developed. During the event will be done an elevator speech, where, as most of you know, a project, or business idea, have to be explained in a minute. The only necessary thing to assist is to register in their web page.

To know more about BLE you all can visit their web page:



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